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Registry Life 4.23

Clean and repair Windows registry and defragment the hive files
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Registry Life has been specifically designed to fix problems in Windows registry. The tool has a clean and modern interface that anyone can use regardless their level of expertise. Its installer contains other system maintenance products, such as Reg Organizer and Autorun Organizer. Additionally, it may also prompt you to install Soft Organizer. So, if you do not want any additional program installed on your computer, you should pay attention during the installing process.

As other programs intended for registry repair, this one allegedly finds and fixes invalid and obsolete registry entries. Yet, unlike most others, it allows advanced users to examine defective keys using the Registry Editor. Fortunately, since messing with the registry always entails some risks, the tool automatically creates registry backups. So, in case anything does not go well, you can always revert modifications from the Undoing Changes Center.

Another major feature of Registry Life is registry optimization, which makes the Registry lighter and more organized by eliminating redundant entries. Again, defragging the registry is said to help your computer run more efficiently.

Before giving my final considerations, I must alert you that the use of registry cleaners is quite controversial as many experts would argue that the risk of using them surpasses the potential benefits. In my case, I did not feel any noticeable increase in computer speed after using Registry Life. However, I have not detected any negative consequences so far either. Now that you know about the danger, it is up to you to try this product, which, by the way, is free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports creating backups
  • Can revert unwanted changes
  • Supports registry defragmentation
  • Allows exploring supposedly defective entries


  • May install unwanted products
  • Shows ads
  • Less features than other similar tools
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